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03 Mar


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A Stunning Wooden and Glass Extension to an Old Beach Shack

3 March 2017 | By | No Comments

When it comes to the Great Ocean Road in Australia, you can well imagine all the McMansions that have recently erupted along it.

Breaking from this new norm, the Austin Maynard Architects came up with a refreshing idea. They were hired by a young couple who wanted a bigger home with ocean views. However, the couple still wanted to preserve the architectural heritage of their each shack.

In order to meet the wishes of the clients, the architects came up with the idea of building a contemporary building next to the shack that hovers over its roof. The stunning beauty of the second building lies in its intelligent combination of glass and wood. The glass opens up to glories views of the ocean while the wood maintains the warmth of the shack below.

The richly toned ash wood is visible on the floor, the walls and the roof. The ocean views are accentuated by the glazing panels and poly-carbonate plastic.

Apart from the wood, the newly built cabin features contemporary elements like the spiral and sleek metal staircase that connects to the shack downstairs.

The wooden floors play a great part in maintaining the warmth of a family home. Moreover, it is highly supported by other wooden elements in the vicinity to complete the look. The floor has been laid down beautifully keeping the aesthetic in mind. For example, the floor in the upper portion is a natural wood color and gleaming. On the other hand, the one on the lower floor is gray and a bit rough matching the steel of the staircase.

According to the architects, this could have been just a plasterboard box full of downlights. However, they developed the design to have more detail and character. The architects are also proud of the design’s smartness to respond to seasonal changes and hours of the day.

All credits belongs to architects and photographers.

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