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15 Mar


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Boutique Co-Working Space in Pacific Heights

15 March 2017 | By | No Comments

Nowadays entrepreneurs are popping everywhere and most of them work right from the comfort of their home.

Working from home is not a foreign concept anymore. Along with home-offices, shared office spaces are gaining popularity as well. People are working together and coming towards shared working space. The trend of co-working called for a co-working space.

People are more inclined towards home décor and interior design that is why they want to beautify and design their office and co-working space. Interior designers are coming up with creative approaches towards incorporating working spaces in homes and designing co-working places. And the results are spectacular!

Renowned interior designer Yves Behars teamed up with Amir Mortazavi and Steve Mohebi and their collaborated efforts brought into being a remarkably designed boutique co-working space Canopy, in Pacific Heights San Francisco. The most interesting feature of Canopy is how this trio of designers has played out their creative styles and intellect in creating this professional space using chevron wood floor that is trendy and eccentric at the same time.

Homage to Hollywood, French and Scandinavian Design:

The most beautiful, artistic and creative aspect of Canopy is the wonderful blend of different styles of styling and interior design. Canopy pays homage to the leading spirits both from the past and present. The entire spaces remarkably balances all the allusions the designers wanted to reflect. There are touches of old Hollywood with hints of 17th century French nobility and along with these one may find splashes of the classic 50s design of the Scandinavians.

Blend of Royalty and Contemporary:

Behars, Mortazavi and Mohebi have magically turned this place into an aesthetically appealing blend of contemporary and regal style with black marble flute art-deco columns which reflect the black steel frames for wide glass walls.

The glamorous chevron wood floor adds to the beauty of the room. The entire space is filled with natural lights and the clean contours and colors make it into a relaxed and easy space. The ceiling is adorned with disk-shaped sky lights that make the chevron wood floor luster.

Furniture & Fixtures:

The lights used in Canopy are designed in triangular and circular patterns suspended from long brass rods that take you back to the Hollywood of 40 and lights gleam off the chevron wood floor. Yves Behar designed blue-hued armchairs and couches made of leather to the interior. Hidden in the white polypropylene, these add a classic touch to the space. This depicts something far from a random act of whim, all of this when put together creates quite a stunning effect which has not been seen for a long time.

Classic Co-Working Space:

The Canopy boasts of an office that comes with a conference room, fully stocked kitchen, private phone booths and private desks with shared tables. Shared offices are on the rise nowadays and co-working spaces are becoming integral in big cities.

The numbers of creative professionals working from home have also taken on the trend of interior design styled working spaces. The essence is having an office you FEEL like going to even if it is your home just styled a bit different.

All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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