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Explore 5 of the most outstanding wooden houses

12 October 2017 | By | No Comments

Wood offers endless possibilities in design and construction, and that’s why many architect and interior designers like to use wood. You can create new forms and colors that can produce amazing constructions. So, if you like wood design, take a quick look at what theses architects managed to create with wood.

A futurist cube shaped house with “Jenga” appearance
The “Final Wooden House” was designed by Sou Fujimoto a Japanese architect well known for bringing new architectural forms. His “future primitive” style is what qualify him the best. He mostly used larges beam of wood to construct the house… Sou Fujimoto wanted to create a new space where everything is perceived differently according to one’s position. In other words, the floor can become a chair, a wall or a ceiling depending of your position and what you want to do.

The “Wilkinson Residence”, a modern hut in the wood
Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz, this wooden house is an example of modern architecture in peace with his surrounding area. Indeed, the residence is located in the heavily wooded hills that surround the commercial heart of Portland, Orgeon. Natural materials like cedar shingles, wood trim or copper provide a variety of colors and textures to create a warm interior environment. Living inside feel like you are in harmony with the forest and nature surrounding the residence.

The primitive Polyhedron of Bogota
Inspired by what he has learned about early childhood development, Manuel Villa, a Columbian designer came up with the idea of a shelter of 7.5m² which the sole purpose is to provide outdoor activities for families with children to escape the ordinary routine. The project was meant to rebuilt a natural environment in the wood, with a hut that can offer shelter and give a protection sensation. It was essentially build with a hexagonal pine deck and a steel framed glass entry façade. There is also a roof made of glass to ensure a good view of the sky.

A tiny house in Kobe
Of only 2.5-meter-wide, this exceptionally narrow timber house was designed by the Japanese studio Fujiwara Muro Architect in Kobe, Japan. The house is lodged between two residential buildings on a surface of 22m², but as they constructed the house, they managed to create a 63 m² by adding 3 floors: The house reach skyward to maximize livable space and light. Made of knotted timber the residence has a wooden staircase and part of the floors are outfitted with wooden slats. The Fujiwara Muro architect studio is a master in term of compartmentalization and is often given projects with low square meter.

UFOGEL, an UFO in the Austrian Alps
This spaceship like house is located in the silent town of Nußdorf (pronounced Nussdorf), in East Tyrol, Austria. Entirely made of larch wood, it matches perfectly the Tyrol landscape. Designed by the Austrian architect Peter Jungmann, he named his creation “UFOGEL” because he thinks it look like a cross between an UFO and a “vogel” which mean “bird” in German. For his “extraterrestrial home” he used curved timber, timber panels and larch shingles to create a distinctive smell of wood. Although it contains only 45 squares meters of floor space, it’s a rentable holidays home that can welcome 4 peoples.

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* All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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