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Home Décor of a Booklover from Brooklyn.

3 March 2017 | By | No Comments

Brooklyn is a beautiful place having some of the most charmingly built buildings, homes and rowhouses. For environment conscious people, there are number of eco-friendly interior renovation ideas available for these living spaces. Such an eco-friendly choice was presented to an architect Alexandra Barker from the Barker Freeman Design Office (BFDO) from a book-loving Brooklynite client.  Recycled wood flooring was one of the prominent eco-friendly choices made among others.

Brooklyn rowhouses typically need interior structural columns so that the floors present above can be supported. The latest renovation and home décor ideas involve removal of walls and columns so that place can open up and become spacious. Quite often steel I-beams are run along the ceiling so they bear the load.  Barker covered the structural columns with sheet rock and utilized them as sides of open bookshelves on the main floor. This design feature was cost-effective yet classy that added a great aspect and visual interest to the 20-foot wide wood frame house.

This three-story rowhouse underwent a complete renovation that included a newly furnished lower level for children usage and an L-shaped kitchen. The rowhouse had typical main level configuration with a front room having pocket doors, kitchen at rear and a middle room. Everything thing was pulled up and resurfaced using lot of reclaimed wood furnishing. More light and connectivity was incorporated between the kitchen and rest of the house.

Where there are children, it is normal for the walls along the staircase being fingerprint stained. Therefore a practical choice was made, by painting the wall along the staircase, gray. Furthermore the light from the skylight above did not reflect much off of it.

The staircase was rebuilt completely and tied with wood treads and cable wire balustrade. The walkway along the stairs is narrow and gives the exact feel of being in library stacks. The deep bookshelves accommodate two rows of books that can be seen from both sides.

Book lovers have a huge treasure of books and therefore more bookshelves were added along with purpose-built storage space for vinyl records trimming the gas fire-place.

To act more responsibly towards environment, the architects were commanded to use as much recycled wood flooring and wood as possible by the owners.  Recycled wood was used notably for flooring and kitchen cabinets. Furnishings also included dining table and chairs. Even the cabinet doors used were made of reclaimed pine.

The L-shaped kitchen at the rear end boasted sufficient space for both cooking and congregation and followed the outline of small existing extension. The kitchen is bright and flood of light is allowed naturally by the full-heighted and corner wrapping windows.

The tiles in the bright blue and orange theme wall tiles were used to give a delightful Moroccan-styled theme from the entry hall wallpaper throughout the house accentuated using light fixtures.

At the end of the front hall, a new powder room was erected using cool toned wallpaper.  This Brooklyn rowhouse also has some bright his-and-hers studios for writing and one for music that are located at the lower level.

An ideally built and designed home of a booklover!

All credits belongs to architects and photographers.

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