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Maintenance Insight

How to maintain your floor?

Oiled vs. Lacquered floor

There are 2 types of coating for wooden floors. You will find that both have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one over the other really depends on what your project is about (residential, hospitality or commercial).

  • Lacquer builds a plastic layer on the surface whereas oil looks very natural.
  • Oil is eco-friendly as it is made of natural components.
  • Oiled floors are easy to repair: you can sand off locally and re-stain your floor whereas with lacquered floors, you have to sand off the entire area.
  • Stain resistance: lacquer is stronger. If you drop some wine on it, it will be very easy to clean as it stays on the surface. With oiled floors, the drop will penetrate into the wood if you don’t wipe it off quickly.
  • Both coatings are easy to maintain. Oiled floor can be re-oiled easily once a year.

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