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08 Jan


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Residence at the Miami Beach Edition Apartment

8 January 2018 | By | No Comments

This two-bedroom residence designed by Alessandro Isola is located at the Miami Edition Apartment, a prestigious oceanfront building in Miami Beach. For this project, the designer wanted to create a sand-between-the-toe environment by playing with a minimalist spirit with white, wood and blue tones.

For the white tones, they used high quality white leather in the small bedroom that cover the wall, the ceiling and part of the floor with mattress and padding. It gives more space to the room with a cocoon feeling. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow a breathtaking view on the Miami Beach on all the apartment. The master bedroom gives the feeling of a more open space, thanks to the sequence of vertical white stained oak panels that hide the wardrobe and the utility cabinet cladded in two walls of the room. The bed’s white leather-upholstered platform extends far beyond the mattress and let you a space for daytime relaxation, which is why we call the master bedroom a private lounge.

The blues tones are referring to a conceptual call “merging of land water” used for the bench in the living room. To make it, they sawed a tree trunk into multiple seat and table, then coated the side in turquoise resin. They let the natural crack on the trunk and filled it with a layer of resin, which accentuate the crack on the trunk. On the side they created a bookshelf with gradient colors starting from turquoise to pure white and allow different perception according to the user movement. And finally, a pendant fixture with globes in Ombre teal venetian glass was added to leavened up the living room. In fact, the blues tones in the residence remind us of the ocean…

And finally, for the light brown tone referring to the sand, they used a natural wooden floor. This luxury apartment was designed for beach lovers with simplicity, for a calm and pleasing environment. The predominantly white colored interiors beautifully merge with changing patterns of the sea palette to offer a pleasing environment. Surely, it is one of the best beach travel destination for a couple or a complete family.

We wish we could also be in this Edition Apartment gazing at the Miami beach right now. What about you? If you liked this article, leave a comment and tell us your opinion.

* All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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