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The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, the “sustainable luxury”

1 November 2017 | By | No Comments

Capturing the beauty of the nature while safeguarding the environment is the motto of this luxurious hotel! The project was supported by INC Architecture & Design and set in Pier One an ancient wharf, which is an iconic 19th century architectural wonder, placed in a section of the Brooklyn bridge Park in New York city.

With 194 guest rooms, including 29 suites, they succeeded in creating an artfully sustainable interior by using basic materials such as reclaimed wood and stones, green walls and potted plants. They also choose to include in the hotel hemp-blend mattresses, organic cotton sheets, and key cards made of recycled wood as well as earth-friendly cleaning products. In other words, everything guests find here has received careful consideration. The interiors designers of INC Architecture & Design fulfilled their wish of creating a “sustainable luxury”. In fact, 54% of the materials are regional and reclaimed, the hotel is wind powered, low-energy lightbulbs are used in the hotel and as for the water, the showers feature a five-minute hour-glass timer to remind guests of the importance of water conservation, there is also a system of “a year-round water reclamation” that captures rain and stores it with a clear water-purification system.

However, during the construction of the bridge park hotel, the hurricane sandy hit the hotel and forced the artisans to stop the progress of the construction. But this incident became a story for the hotel because after this event, they found out that the ground level of the hotel required to be raised by 36 inches, and this is why the café inside the hotel is now called 36. Even the wall in the suites have a symbolic 36 inches datum line.

For this project, INC collaborated with many other designer’s firm and artisan workshops such as Bien Hecho who made a top dining table made out of wood from New York Botanical Garden trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy for example. We can also notice that some local artists worked for the hotel: they created a sculpture made of 6,000 pounds of obsidian rocks tucked into the bend of the lobby’s staircase, and its blackened-steel wire remind us the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. The designer team found additional inspiration with the historical setting of the wharf: By pointing out that “context is everything”, they used the natural landscape that has been reconstituted in the park and renovated a wall in the lobby from the original quarry that supplied stone for the Brooklyn Bridge.

To conclude, by mainly using reclaimed, repurposed or DIY materials, they created a Brooklyn style hotel in which a sensibility to sustainability and nature can be felt everywhere.

And you? What do you think about the Bridge Park Hotel of Brooklyn? Do you mind about eco-consciousness? Leave a comment and tell us your feeling about this!

* All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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