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14 May


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The smart concept of the MUJI Hotel in Shenzhen, China.

14 May 2018 | By | No Comments

The world famous Japanese homemade brand MUJI opened his first ever hotel on January 18th, 2018 in Shenzhen, China . The minimalist style of the brand is found in the design and style of the Hotel: Furnished and designed with its own furnishings, Muji wanted to reflect his simple esthetic described by their new concept “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap”.

Instead of bold ornamentation the hotel is dressed with pale wooden floors, grey wall and light wood panel, added to the neutral textiles, that gives off a pared-back feeling. It feels like being inside one of the Muji stores, except that you can spend the night and use the bath or lock the door. Moreover, most of the material used for the interior wall and court-yard come from old traditional Chinese homes, acknoledging the eco-friendly sidee of the project.

The Hotel holds a total of 79 guest rooms going from the 4th to the 6th floors; a range of five types of room available, starting from 145$ to 385$ per night. The Japanese company want to offer an exceptional relaxation space where quality of sleep is put in first place. “All trips, whether for business, sightseeing or long-term stays, are supported first and foremost by quality sleep […] release tension and guide guests to a comfortable slumber”.

With Muji providing its own furnishing, the hotel become a showcase where people can first try the products and buy it later….in one of the largest Muji stores of China located in the 2nd and 3rd floors. Therefore, if you tried one of their various product at your disposal and started itching to buy one for yourself, you only have to take the elevator! In addition, you can also find a Muji Diner where guests can enjoy local and international meals, and some of the dinnerware is even available at the Muji store.

Beside the Muji store and Muji Diner, other facilities are present to ensure that customers experience the world view of Muji:

  • Muji Books offers a variety of book from all ages and culture, free of charge and open 24h/24h
  • The gym offers workout equipment with men and women locker room; the access is free
  • The meeting room, for the business men and women who need to hold conference in their trip.

Muji wants to offer their guests a taste of his own artistic world where the hotel become a living example of “try-before-you-buy”, allowing you to try out homeware during your stay, and then buy it later if you liked it. The Brand took this concept to a new level and made a powerful, yet subtle move.

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