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28 Apr


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The Vanishing Corridor by Bean Buro

28 April 2017 | By | No Comments

The corridor that runs in the house and opens up to multiple rooms acts as the focal point.

This house that belongs to a small family of four has been aptly named after its original design. This main design of the house has been unchanged since the 1990s.

When Bean Buro was hired to redesign the house for the family, he obviously wanted to keep the corridor in place. The long corridor gives the illusion of a disappearing one given that it is the main entrance to all the rooms of the house. On the other hand, the large windows that look over the ocean are the other noteworthy feature of the house.

A Quiet Retreat

This family house is situated in the busy city of Hong Kong. It is common knowledge that the city has a busy lifestyle and any person would like to have a quiet retreat if possible. Given its views of the ocean and its quiet design, the house is perfectly shielded from the buzz of the main city.

Main Entrance

The Hong Kong house with the disappearing corridor features a foyer as its main entrance. The foyer is not completely closed off but acts as a separation between the inside and the outside; creating a quiet barrier from the city. The foyer happens to be smartly used by the family. It comes decorated with a comfortable seat and hooks on the wall. Added are the shoes and coat cabinet that is conveniently concealed from direct view.  The foyer is simple in its appearance but the elegance is evident enough that you may want to just stop for a moment and appreciate the homely tranquility.


The kitchen and the rest of the living spaces are connected through a long wooden wall. This wall also provides a fair amount of hidden storages and niches for appliances and display. The rest of the space gives off an airy and open appearance. One of the other highlights created through this design is the bookshelf that almost appears to be floating.

Open Space Illusion

The house has been given plenty of space illusion by extending the daylight and ocean views. For this purpose, the designer has made use of mirrors. The mirrors have been intelligently placed all over the house in order extend the views into the illusion of space. The resulting effect of the mirrors is also supported by the glass partitions in the house.

A Design for the Family

Buro designed the house to benefit both the children and the parents. The spacious house provided enough exploration opportunities for the kids. Their bedrooms open into corridor and a shared space for playing has been created. The glass partitions allow playful peaking and the wall niches provide hiding spots.

For parents, the study has been designed that can be concealed through curtains. It still allows the ocean views.  The concealed storages allow a clutter free life. The master bedroom comes complete with an attached bathroom.

The entire house is a design developed from a fresh looking palette of wood and fabric.

All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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