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03 Mar


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Using Wood Flooring to Bring a Touch of Modern Comfort to Your Home

3 March 2017 | By | No Comments

When it comes to interior design, there are a number of new trends that are constantly and consistently emerging. While new trends are all a great way to bring about change in your space, here are some that can bring a more substantial touch of modernity and warmth.

One project in particular that has become a favorite among interior designers or individuals looking to restyle their space is the use of recycled wood flooring to create accent walls. This new use of wood flooring is being praised for its unique ability to add a splash of comforting contrast. Though it may be presumed that this contemporary recycled flooring project is limited to use in southern, country homes, this is a fortunate misconception. A multitude of diverse designers are utilizing reclaimed wood from a variety of sources in order to clad accents walls of various homes, lofts, rustic, or urban spaces.

The use of recycled wood flooring is a great way to make use of a natural resource that has fascinating textures and one-of-a-kind characteristics. The ability to add the wood pieces to an accent wall and then pair it with matching furnishings make the options for this type of project limitless. What’s more, by carefully choosing the accent wall, interior design teams have the opportunity to create a unique character and personality within the space which they are working. For example, by choosing a larger wall for accent, space owners and interior designers can increase the laid-back rustic feel, and then bring in furniture pieces to correspond. On the other hand, confining the use of the reclaimed wood flooring to a smaller wall space can allow these same individuals to inspire a unique, urban environment with a touch of outdoorsy flare.

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