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27 Feb


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What can you do with reclaimed wood? DIY tips!

27 February 2018 | By | No Comments

Sometimes, when installing a new floor, it happens that there’s some losses. What can you do when you have extra plank? What about an old wood floor? If you want to dispose of your old wood floor, what do you do with it? We have solutions for you! See what YOU can do with wood plank to decorate your interior and make it more beautiful.

  • Making a Headboard using wood floor plank.

Brighten up your bedroom by using Headboard! It’s really easy to make, you just have to nail the plank to the wall together and that’s it, you have your headboard. Some will prefer using Velcro band to avoid piercing their wall. You can adjust your plank size to your bad by sawing them a little ( by a professional if needed ) and even add paint to your liking. Our tip here is to make a headboard with the same plank you used on your ceiling, floor, or furniture to create a luminous effect like the picture above.

  • Wooden book shelve with old leather belt.

What you need for this? 2 wood planks, 2 leather belts, nails, and a hammer! At the two ends of the plank, you draw a line at two centimeters of the end: that’s where you will nail the belt. Then you put the middle of the belt on this same line and start by nailing the middle of the leather belt to the side part of the wood (as you can see on the picture). Just be sure that the belt is well adjusted and form a loop around the wood plank.

  • Coffee table made with wood floor and wastepaper bin.

This one is really easy too: you have a wastepaper bin, you have old or losses wood plank, put them together aaand…SHAZAM, you have a coffee table! More precisely, you just have to turn over your wastepaper bin and fix it to your wood plank with special glue for wood. Oh, and if you want to be more original, just ask a craftsman to help you cut the wood to make different shapes for your table (in the picture the table was cut in oval shape).

  • A Bungee with 1 plank

This one is easy, useful and have a beautiful result! For this you will need a bungee cord, your reclaimed wood plank, a drill and a lighter. You start by making two holes with the drill at the two ends of the plank. The hole need to be wide enough to let the bungee go trough it. After you can ad some color to the plank, like paint or wood oil, as you wish. Let it dry, and then start putting the bungee in the two holes, do a knot and secure it by burning the end of the bungee cord. You can add staple to the end of the bungee and seal it with a hammer. Finally, you just need to add standard picture hanging kit or Velcro band to fix it on your wall and it’s done!

If you have free time you know what to do now. Make your home pleasant with creativity and useful DIY home décor! Did these creatives projects inspired you? If you have questions or new idea share it with us, we would be happy to chat with you.

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