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What’s the trend for 2018 ?

12 December 2017 | By | No Comments

Hello wood-floor lovers! We are almost in 2018 and at that time of the year we want to renew ourselves with new resolutions, right? Did you ever think about a new design for your floor? Then take a look at what’s the trend will look like for 2018.

Reclaimed Wood

You must already know but reclaimed wood is in the spotlight. It has become one of the most favorite for the interiors designers and restaurant owners. Why you ask? Well beside giving a rustic look, these kinds of floor bring historic vibes since it come from old structures. The owners are happy to share a part of these historic structure and give new life to it. Also, the more the wood is old, the more it became beautiful and stronger. Most of reclaimed wood show old patterns that is now really “a la mode”. In fact, this product is now more and more difficult to obtain and need care when handling it. Owning a reclaimed floor is like owning a historic piece of art.

Dark Floor

We associate dark floor with elegance and refinement. Dark blue, dark brown or dark black, all of these colors give luxurious vibes. But now we more and more use theses dark colors for wall, or even equipment. For example, the charred wood is really in the trend and many use it for their wall. Most of the new residences, villa and hotel use these colors for their floor or/and their wall and even for outdoor wood floor. They associate it with light colored equipment and other material.

Natural brown

This is the floor in his most natural state. We just keep the natural colors of the wood, and since every tree is different with many species, we can find many different shade of brown. This is also the most popular color of all time and season. The brighter colors give a refreshing look in phase with nature and the darker one a warm and welcoming feeling. In fact, no matters if it’s a residence, restaurant or an office, this is a timeless product that can fit any styles. So, it gives free rein to one’s imagination.

Light colors

Light shade is the best for illuminating interiors. It is also really appropriate if you want to create a minimalist style: using light colors for your floor is the best for that kind of finish! Plus, you will give more substance to the furniture. With light colors, you give a wide and a modern feeling to the interior. It is really appreciated for living room! You can use light brown or grey to pure white.

Colorful wood floors

Be daring and try colorful wood floor! A pink, green or yellow floor give a stylish and trendy look with new vibes. For example, many offices like to use colorful floor to give a dynamic and young atmosphere to the office. Some associates 2 to 3 different colors for one floor and switch color every 1 or 2 planks. Most of us, want to be daring and different from others by trying colorful wood floors, they are fed up with the monotonous style we can find everywhere.

Did you make your choice for 2018? What kind of style do you want? Tell us what you would rather choose on the section comment below!

* All credits correspond to owner, creator, designer and photographer.

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