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27 Nov


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Why wood is Eco-friendly?

27 November 2017 | By | No Comments

We used to think that wood exploitation is directly linked with deforestation, and impacts on environment and nature. But in fact, wood is a renewable, biodegradable and Eco-friendly material: this is one of the most greener material that can be used.

Wood industries that exploit forest tend to reforest wood field, as wood is an amazing material: It can be continually replenished, which leads to a sustainable and dependable supply. If proper forest management is practiced we can ensure that growing conditions are not degraded. For example, in France wood industries make sure to exploit forest in a manner that trees will sprout everywhere: They maintain their forest ecosystem by planting new ones. Actually, this is why people tend to use more and more wood for their construction, nowadays it even became a trend for designer to ad wood in their framework.

Moreover, working on wood consume the lowest C02 and energy than any other material and have a far less global warming. As you may already know, wood absorb C02 and reduce the amount of carbon in the air: Living in a wooden house offer a comfortable and healthy life! Only a few people know about this but wood is really resistant to fire! Truthfully the growth of fire on wood is 10 times slower than concrete and 250 times slower than steel, and the gas made by wood when on fire is less toxic than other materials.

This is a solid material with a long-life expectancy, and as every tree is unique, wood constructions are also as unique. Did you know that in Japan there are 1000 years old wood temple? As long as you take care of it as it ought to be, it will last for generations. By the way, in many old houses or temples, we can give a second life to the wood that used to compose this structure: that’s what we call Reclaimed Wood. In Al-Flooring we have a special range for the reclaimed wood, and it can give to your interior peculiar styles as you can see on these pictures. Besides Reclaimed wood prevent the need for further tree to be cut down and is much stronger than new wood as it grows older.

In addition, wood is a good thermal insulator (7 times better than concrete) against cold and heat. No matter if it’s cold winter or summer you will feel at ease with wood. No need to tell you that the soundproofing is also better with wood, right?

At Al-Flooring, we can do reclaimed wood for your floor, wall or table. On the pictures above, we did the Jamie’s Italian floor in Hong Kong and an apartment in Shanghai – we used reclaimed wood for all of these projects. With wood we can create rustic or modern styles, it’s up to you to decide!

Did we change your conception of wood? Will you choose the more sustainable choice? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion about these facts!

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